What is NeedleTrainer

NeedleTrainer uses a retractable needle and virtual image overlays to simulate needling non-invasively on a live participant, using the authentic, live ultrasound scan.

This enables trainees to develop hand-eye coordination, optimum positioning, and accuracy in ultrasound-guided interventional procedures in a safe, realistic, clinical environment.

Practise needle-probe coordination skills, on any body habitus, during real-time scanning on a real subject.

How it works

Live Ultrasound

A live Ultrasound feed is fed directly into the system

Practice Needling on a live model

Needling is performed anywhere on the volunteer with the Probe and a retractable syringe

Realistic Needle simulation

A high fidelity visualisation of a needle is displayed live on-screen to assist in developing the hand-eye coordination skills required for safe and accurate placement of the needle in ultrasound-guided interventional procedures