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Alpinion Medical Systems is based in South Korea and manufactures colour Doppler ultrasound systems.

Alpinion manufacture and repair their own transducers and offer a 2 year warranty on all their systems which includes both the system and the transducers.

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Intelligent Ultrasound

There are nearly 50 million medical practitioners in the world. Less than 2% of them have access to, or the skills required to scan with ultrasound, one of the fastest, safest and cheapest medical diagnostic tools available to medical practitioners. Technology can change this. Medaphor’s intelligent ultrasound software and simulation platforms will unlock the potential of ultrasound for ALL medical practitioners.

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CHISON Medical Technologies Co., LTD was founded in 1996, is one of the world's leading manufacturers for ultrasound systems.Chison Medical Technologies focuses on ultrasound.

In its 23 years of history, CHISON adheres to independent research and development, nominated as national R&D project leader supported by China’s 12th &13th 5-Year Plan, has become a leading enterprise in China’s ultrasound industry.

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E-Cube 12

Bringing Excellence to Daily Care

The E-CUBE 12 helps medical practitioners make quick and accurate diagnoses. Moreover, with its simple and user-friendly features, they can provide more patients with medical services in the same amount of time. By using the E-CUBE 12, medical practitioners can earn a deeper trust from their patients and ultimately advance their clinic’s success.

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